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Basra`s governor receives in Kuwait hospital numbers of figures and calls to check his health.
Basra governor (agency ),Mohamed Al-timimi announced strategic project in the field of housing with in plan in 2014 and in coming year
Basra province office hold meeting to discuss the services in province.
Basra’s governor (agency) briefed the work of the executing company the project Basra-um qasr and looming held them accountable for non-delivery of the project with in month
Basra`s governor made operation of (heart catheterization) in Kuwait.
The Basra governor (agency) instructs operation command and the police to allow the transfer of a large corps ranchers to sell markets
During his visit to the project of issuing the Iraqi National IDs ( Jinsieya ) , Dr. Dhirgham Al-Ajwadi stresses on the importance of easing the red tape .
Mr. Imad al-Hassani: Basra`s governor leaves to Kuwait in treatment journey.
Mr. Kadhem Alail : Basra`s governor had a heart attack and he is now stable health
Basra`s governor meets Mr. Hakim informs him of the latest developments of the service situation in the province.
The first deputy of Basra governor look at accompanied with minster of housing and construction on the functioning of the ongoing business service in Al-Basra international airport
Mr. Imad al-Hassani today will start the draw of education contracts.
Religious consultant of Basra`s governor visits number of religious clerics and emphasizes a conference of clerics in the province is coming soon.
The first deputy of Basra governorate introduce accompanied with minster of construction on the percentage of completion of the project and Al-shuaiba filtered gasoline unit
Basra`s governor said through his meeting with businessmen and consultants: we determined to fight corruption and do not fear threats of whatever source.