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Through the first consultant conference, Basra`s governor emphasizes the seriousness of province in attracting foreign companies.
Britain shows its readiness to twin its oil city, Aberdeen with Basra.
Basra allocates 25% of Petro dollar for social sector and 75% for development.
Alajuadi: there are plans for local government to activate sport in province.
Alajuadi visits Amjad School in Abu Musaad village and promises to build a new school in the same village within 2014 budget.
The deputy of Basra`s governor has met with the committee of following draws rain water, announced allocate amount of money to directorates of municipalities, sewerage and municipality to rent tractors and pumps.
Agriculture studies to generalize Malaysian Trail in the country
A statement of Basra`s governor, Dr. Majed Nesaroui from his hospital in Kuwait.
The head of Iraqi parliament visits Basra`s governor at his residence to check on his health.
The first deputy of Basra governor support call Al-basrain demonstration a and vigils to demand the right of the 5 petro dollars
By directions of Dr. Majed Nesaroui , Mr. Kazim Ali conveys Basra province areas after rain falls .
Opening 3barnches of AL Rashid Bank in 3 countries
Basra`s governor receives in Kuwait hospital numbers of figures and calls to check his health.
Basra governor (agency ),Mohamed Al-timimi announced strategic project in the field of housing with in plan in 2014 and in coming year
Basra province office hold meeting to discuss the services in province.