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Altemimi is searching next summer electricity plan with electricity office managers & informing a group went to electricity ministry to discussion projects implementation
Al-jazarri confirm pursuit of the local government of Basra for advancement of infrastructure in the district and areas of Basra
Basra council looking with Charge 'affaires Canadian development of trade and investment in the province
Al-jazarri emphasize pursuit Basra local government to reduce phenomenon random throw and resolve tribal conflict peacefully
They distribution (805) plot of land in Al-Basra
The first visit for Iraq president since fall of the dictatorial regime …the president Fuad Masum arrived Basra and the governor asked him to make the province Iraq economic capital .
In a field visit Al-jazzarri inspect water injection project in Al-krma
Clean the sport city
Electricity commission of Basra governorate council announced the completion of moving power station 45 MP cards
The deputy of Basra governor Mr. Arab Al-jazarri" local government in Basra is still supporting the agricultural sector in all possibilities
Basra`s governor is discussing with Russian Consul expand the prospect of cooperation between the two sides .
Talib Al-Hassona during his presented receiving Head Republic Dr. Fuad Masum
The Governor Deputy informs the Minister of Electricity on the final plan for electricity projects details and stabilization a daily wage earners
Basra`s governor : this summer will be better equipped electricity from previous years.