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The deputy of Basra governor discuss ways running Basra worker in oil companies
Basra health damage tons of non-medicine usable
Basra governorate council announce its refusal to implement new costume tariff law
Basra's governor deputy announces that the local government aim to replace corrupter managers in province .
General company of fertilizer industry announce operate the line first productive during the current month
Basra international airport has stop night flight for the purpose set of advanced navigational lighting
Basra declare elimination quarter and triple phenomenon in school
Basra`s governor demands directorate of distributing electricity to harry up implement their projects .
Electricity distribution director (north of Basra ) accomplish maintenance Al-Deer feeder
Second deputy of Basra`s governor is opening number of schools in city centers .
Basra`s governor meets a delegations of Korean Hanwha company .
Basra`s governor attends sixth meeting of governors Coordinating authority and heads of provinces council and renew his demands of province financial right .
Govern orate contract 100% :the proportion of actual achievement of project processing ,installation and operation of GPS tracking device
Basra`s governor meets financial minister ,the minster recommend to ‎spend Financial record for province during next two week .
Project construction of two schools in Al-h-Hussain district reaches the final stages
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Basra`s governor discuses with Swedish ambassador the ways of developing economic and medical cooperation between the two countries
Basra`s governor search for the possibility of getting Soft loans from the European Investment Bank.
Basra`s governor recommended to give extended for operating companies .
Basra`s governor : local government determines on implementing health projects to curb diseases .
Basra`s governor receives a delegation of Basra businessmen .
During his visiting to Basra Silo .. Basra governor : local government determines to build new Stores in Silo of province to accommodate grain crops.
First deputy of Basra`s governor honors the novelist Mohammed Khudair with ( literary board).
Basra`s governor receives a delegation of Shiite Endowment office .
Basra`s governor discuss security situation with security operation leaders
Basra`s governor directs to replace Non- cooperative companies with others in electrical companies .
Basra`s governor : twining with Huston in favor of our city and we have applied to join Basra as a member of oil cities forum .
During his meeting with head of province council ..Basra`s governor emphasizes on the necessity of unified implemented and legalistic authorities in province .
Basra`s governor : we don’t abdicated of Basra allocation of electricity power .
Basra`s governor : we are continuing on following the work of Alwatania companies for cleaning and we notice an improvement in performance.
Transportation adviser of Basra governorate assures that Basra international airport witness Observably development .