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Altemimi is searching next summer electricity plan with electricity office managers & informing a group went to electricity ministry to discussion projects implementation
Basra`s governor is discussing the ways for unifying the efforts with the Iraqi Council member of province to take Basra's rights .
Al-jazarri confirm pursuit of the local government of Basra for advancement of infrastructure in the district and areas of Basra
Basra council looking with Charge 'affaires Canadian development of trade and investment in the province
After the meeting with the Parliamentary Financial Committee ..Basra `s governor declares obtaining revenues of the petro-dollar and the benefits of the border for the province and not for the center.
Basra's governor announces the formation of a committee to settle tribal disputes in the north of the province .
Basra `s governor meets the managers of oil Foreign companies that work in the province . and he demands to give Basra` work forces the big opportunities .
Basra`s governor discloses on progress of Al-wofood streets rehabilitation.
Al-jazarri emphasize pursuit Basra local government to reduce phenomenon random throw and resolve tribal conflict peacefully
Basra's governor receives Chinese traveler who visited 145 countries on a bicycle .
Basra`s governor ,Dr. Majed Nasraoui be at the head of meeting with Committee literacy in Basra Educational Directorate on Tuesday .
Basra`s governor received a delegation of United Nation .
Basra's governor discussed with Shatt al Arab district delegation the development of service situation .
They distribution (805) plot of land in Al-Basra
The first visit for Iraq president since fall of the dictatorial regime …the president Fuad Masum arrived Basra and the governor asked him to make the province Iraq economic capital .
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Basra`s governor opened the building of Civil Status department in Qurna .
Basra`s governor received a delegation Engineers corporation and renew his support to Basra's Engineers .
Basra`s province office hold a conference to clarify work machine of Al-watania company before initiation its work .
Basra`s governor meets Delegation of Basra University professors who dwell in the insurance building.
First Deputy Governor of Basra has broad reception by the people of Qurna district officials within the project on Thursday, that private in the follow-up to receive complaints of citizens
Basra `s governor : we put in plan of this year transport service to all province reigns.
Basra`s governor :we will not allow entrance of tomato crops to province in this period .
Basra`s governor and Youth and Sports minister are opening Youth and Sports Forum in Abe Khasib.
First Deputy Governor of Basra inform about the sport Education collage in Qurna and promise the dean to provide the needs of the central meeting hall
Basra`s governor invites Germany Republic to open a Consulate in province through the meeting with Germany Ambassador.
Al-shekie Mohammed Al-Falki hails the successes achieved by the disarmament campaign in Basra
Basra`s governor : this summer will be better equipped electricity from previous years.
The Governor Deputy informs the Minister of Electricity on the final plan for electricity projects details and stabilization a daily wage earners
Talib Al-Hassona during his presented receiving Head Republic Dr. Fuad Masum
Basra`s governor is discussing with Russian Consul expand the prospect of cooperation between the two sides .